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Questions and Answers

All Fools' Food Day

᠅ What's in it for my taproom?

All Fools' Food Day will be unadulterated fun as it also "flips the script" memorably on a taproom's no-kitchen-service backdrop.

᠅ What's the appeal for my patrons?

Fun and carnivalesque escape as well as the opportunity to gain social status.

᠅ How much will this increase my sales?

You'll sell more beer.

᠅ What do I have to lose?

Again, there are two ways to win and no way to lose.

᠅ How does All Fools' Food Day break the mold?

Getting more Americans to eat healthier has been frustratingly difficult.



BEER & FOODNOTE: Like the stop smoking movement's hard-won change in the definition of reasonable behavior, Americans will begin looking differently at the people and the places who manufacture or serve their daily food fix.