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Eating Irresponsibly Is So Commonplace That It's Invisible

Better Beer, Better Food—Blaze A Taproom Tradition-creating Trail


Shape a Taproom Tradition Ignition Pathway:

The invention of tradition seems uncommon, yet it is a tried and true way to create new norms of behavior, e.g., St. Paddy's day beer drinking. And April Fools' Day (sometimes called All Fools' Day) is widely celebrated by 89 million Americans each year. April Fools' Day is also a rarity: a major American holiday with minimal association to food or drink along with a dearth of group norms or related social gatherings.

BEER & FOODNOTE: Possibly your taproom event will evolve into something like Bell's Brewery's Come as You Aren't—an always 13th annual jam—much better, because patrons will provide the food at no cost to your taproom.