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1st Host your All Fools' Food Day "eatertainment" event on Wednesday, April 1st.

2nd Repeat with an improved event in 2021 as a Founder Taproom.

3rd Gain from word of mouth plus digital notoriety. Cooperatively publicize.


Your Innovator's Path:


Your patrons participate in All Fools' Food Day simply by bringing or ordering in the worst-of-the-worst junk, stunt, and decadent, indulgent foods. Over time, their food selections (including boxed and bagged processed foods) will become ever more competitive between and digitally delightful for patrons to share across your community. If Snapchat, Facebook, and Youtube history is a guide, Taco Bell's Dorito Locos Taco, KFC's Double Down, and Burger Kings' bacon sundae would have been among the top ten digital shares. Then there's always local fried food, fair food, and layered sugar, fat, salt home concoctions.

BEER & FOODNOTE: This April Fools-ish roast of large food corporations (aka, taste tricksters) will be a fun-filled, whimsical beer drinking, food-eating event with many loyalty-building possibilities.