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People think with definitions; few think about definitions and their all-but-hidden promise. Resources include original material along with supporting visuals to clarify how Members can both benefit and use definitions to open eyes!

First "HealthCARING" Video
Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is the first major mass communicator to feature HealthCARING. HealthCARING is a causal behavioral mechanism and the subject of Open4Definition's nonfiction book HealthCARING: A Reset for Health and Healthcare by B. Helton.

HealthCARING differentiates J&J's products (Listerine® and Reach® toothbrushes) in communications directly with the dental profession in a "caring" tone for a highly fragmented service sector. There are more than 150,000 dental practices in the U.S. alone.

For our HealthCARING Project Team, it’s a rather good start. See news item for more detail (2:11 minutes, J&J at Other behavioral definitions: healthcare professional.
For Good Measure: Canadian Metric: Following a French Revolution Precedent
This is a tale worthy of the title “Indiana Jones and the Meter” as told by Canadian science writer Stephen Strauss. It was once a feudal right to set measures and make other definitions. Indeed, one “definition of power was how far around you people would accept your measures.” Science and metric triumphed after the French Revolution, yet because of self governance the responsibility for most definitions resides now in no-man’s-land. (7:54 minutes, CBC Digital – April 8, 1995) Other definitions: Decimal System, metric, deciday, decisecond, toise, pound, Sumerian twelve double hour day (the 3000 year old 24-hour day) and mile.
TED's Video Audition Unleashed

This open audition is for the TED2012 U.S. conference.  The video weds the upcoming conference's full spectrum theme--which is also a latent behavioral definition--with the idea of influencing subsequent conference presentations.  We argue that presenters should make richer use of technologies, formats, and styles to enhance the spoken word to enlighten and command an audience. What's hidden-in-plain sight is that when this 2012 conference ends full spectrum presentations will remain a dormant behavioral definition; unless, TED makes a more systematic push (of what is now just its one-time theme) to prompt better presentations that can have an ultra-positive effect on audiences worldwide.  (1:27 minutes, YouTube) Other behavioral definitions: designated driver, open source and zero-to-landfill.  See news item for the actual script.

The Genius of George Carlin (with no profanities)
George Carlin defines modern man in an entertaining string of almost 300 definitions, labels and expressions in a three and one-half minute spoof. That is almost one per second! Carlin clearly succeeds in highlighting the huge range of definitions that an American audience can grasp. He says that he “can give you a gigabyte in a nanosecond.” The formal definition of a nanosecond is one-billionth of a second, yet everyone knows that that is not what he meant. (3:33 minutes, YouTube) Other definitions: way too many to list, so why not listen.
The Word Birdie
Conservationists were up-in-arms over the Bush administration’s redefinition of the term "wetlands." Comedian Stephen Colbert quips, "They are reinvigorating old words that sadly had fallen out of use, and they’re giving new meaning to words we thought we understood." The ruling class used to set definitions by fiat, but not anymore. (Colbert Report #02045 - 04/04/2006, 3:11 minutes) Other definitions: environment, "thruthiness" and huggers.
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