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Conceptual Elements Including How-To

People think with definitions; few think about definitions and their all-but-hidden promise. Resources include original material along with supporting visuals to clarify how Members can both benefit and use definitions to open eyes!

Unleashing the Power of Definitions
This seminal White Paper outlines the case for Open4Definition. It describes a process for finding and then making the most of not-so-obvious improvement opportunities of often commonplace definitions and their application. It is a fact. Definitions contain a latent potential to enrich lives, improve processes and impact individual habits, beliefs, business precedence and the very foundational concepts of all that we do. Sapient definitions can truly deliver the unexpected. The first step is obvious. We should consciously and systematically focus more attention on definitions. (24 pages) Key definitions and examples: sapient definition, field, intersection, secondhand smoke, mark-to-market, occupational licensure and Father’s Day.
The Illusive Obvious: Our Habits and Definitions are Interdependent
The key to personal improvement lies as much in definitions as habits, yet we habitually fail to either examine or selectively improve our definitions. This White Paper delves into first, the interdependence between and second, the impact of our habits and definitions. In addition, it raises a series of thought provoking questions while providing a few unexpected answers that can be applied tomorrow. (15 pages) Key definitions and examples: sapient definition, secondhand smoke, obesity, self-improvement, conscious mind, habitual mind and universal process.
The Open4Definition Universal Process
Definitions change, but as a rule haphazardly. The key to unlocking the latent potential of definitions and their application lies both in method and philosophy. Until now there hasn’t been a Universal Process for identifying and implementing improvement opportunities. There is a more detailed paper accessible to Open4Definition participants in the Members Area. This process highlights a two-prong approach with a clear implementation bias. (750 words, 28 steps) Key definitions: Examiner Team, Implementation Team and Board of Improvement.
Reformulating Beta (β) — Is the “normal” calculation of this correlation coefficient correct?
The U.S. SEC enforcement of the Mark-To-Market definition on financial instruments had a significant negative impact on the 2008-09 international economy and contributed to the resulting major recession. A modified Beta definition for stock investing is one Open4Definition members undertaking to jump start the process of developing a suite of potentially counterbalancing financial definitions. An improved Beta will enable investors to make better investment decisions based on a truer reading of the sensitivity of a security to the movement of the general stock market. This paper explains a modified definition for Beta. (1,100 words) Other definitions: correlation, date range, stock volatility, formula, arbitrage and investment risk.
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