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Learnings, concepts and findings written to first raise understanding and then jumpstart action.

People think with definitions; few think about definitions and their all-but-hidden promise. Resources include original material along with supporting visuals to clarify how Members can both benefit and use definitions to open eyes!

A Research Review: Definition-formed Example Stories
This case study describes results from on-going research. We examined recently published non-fiction, story-rich books within two original, customized genres: a) under-recognized patterns in life and b) new, uncommon, unexpected or radical ways of thinking or viewing the world. Fifty-five books have thus far been reviewed. The results are startling. An unanticipated and extraordinary portion of the stories within these select books are written in a definition form. Other definitions: secondhand smoke, mark-to-market, obesity, open source, the long tail, money, air space, standardization, occupational licensure, financial derivative, Penny Post, law, marriage, civil union, quality of a lifetime, and patriotism. 1,000 words
Did Definitions Make Obama President?
A one page case example exploring definitions in the selection of U.S. Presidents.
Occupational Licensing Unveiled -- Its Huge
A one page case example describes the surprising trends in occupational licensure.
Secondhand Smoke: Backburning the Fire
A one page case study on the effects of defining "second hand smoke".
The Health and Healthcare Definition Team Report
This Case Study outlines both the effort of and the ensuing definitions from our Health & Healthcare Examiner Team. The results from this venture clearly exceed expectations. The potential positive impact is significant. What began as a straightforward Beta Test evolved into an unorthodox, yet wiser way to improve the health of Americans and to do so incrementally, deliberately and with considerable foresight. — 16 pages
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