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Hidden & Huge: Occupational Licensing Unveiled, Redefined and Counterbalanced

Over twenty percent of American workers are now employed in regulated occupations, yet occupational licensing because of its diffused nature simply doesn't register in the public conscience. This is an arena fraught with behavioral definitions. Indeed without definitions licensing would not even exist, see Case Example. Our Healthcare Team spun this project off. Examiner team leadership is being sought with the goal of better balancing the impact of licensing on both our everyday lives and U.S. Commerce.

Licensing done in the name of quality and safety is also a type of ‘domestic protectionism’ that can restrict supply and artificially prop up prices. There is simply no counterbalance. No independent defining body exits since the rapid escalation in occupational licensing has spread across a wide variety of professions and varies state to state. This will be a complex undertaking and may be subdivided into a series of coordinated projects. An overall scope is needed. This could be an ideal project for expansive thinking Examiners or in contrast, highly pragmatic Implementers. If you have a passion or personal experience relating to Occupational Licensure please let us know.

Project Overview:

Opened: Jul 15th, 2009
Updated: Sep 21st, 2011
Status: Active
Participants: 7
Stage: One Page Case Study Completed; Proposal Initiated - August 12, 2010; Currently Project is Seeking Leadership

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Interest Areas:
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  • Healthcare
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