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Getting a better handle on Green

Green means go. Green means money. Green means eco-friendly.

Green has a lot of meanings. So does quality. We propose a new word - Greenality - to describe the intersection of green and quality and how doing things that are responsible to the environment and which conserve resources is the right thing to do but also helps one (that is, one person or one organization) do things right.

Our dual work-in-process definitions follow:

Greenality (project): The degree to which an organization has considered environmental and sustainability factors that affect its projects during the entire project lifecycle and beyond. It contains two important aspects: (1) minimizing the environmental impacts of projects (this includes efforts to simply run the project more efficiently and effectively) and (2) minimizing environmental impacts of the product of the project. Like quality, greenality must be designed-in, not inspected-in.

Greenality (general): The degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfills environmental and sustainability requirements. Like quality, greenality must be designed-in, not inspected-in.

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Project Overview:

Opened: Jul 9th, 2010
Updated: Aug 10th, 2010
Status: Proposed
Participants: 3

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Interest Areas:
  • Business
  • Civil Society
  • Environmental
  • Governmental
  • Resources
  • Technical
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