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Obvious Yet ElusiveTM Book Milestone Reached

By B. Helton
Nov 1, 2010

The first draft of the Open4Definition master book, Obvious Yet ElusiveTM has been completed three months early.  Obvious Yet ElusiveTM relies on stories to describe the power and reach of behavioral and other influential definitions to prompt change.

Members and the public are encouraged to provide input on this first draft.  To become a reviewer contact B. Helton at  Other collaborative options consist of:

For an aspiring or experienced writer, blogger or film clip synthesizer, Open4Definition has an atypical option to create either a co-edition of this book or an innovative multi-media mashup.  This would involve recasting a significant selection of the 214 master stories into a separate, co-authored book, mash-up or similar.  “Behavioral Definitions for…” topics could include Healthcare & Wellbeing; Business; Relational & Personal; Leadership; Organizations; Managers; The Social Sector; Education; Self-help, etc.

Another out-of-the-ordinary collaborative option could involve the creative reformation of one or a smaller select subset of the 214 “master” stories into a standalone film clip, blog or other social broadcast form that both targets and speaks to a specific audience.  The intent would be to serve a beneficial dual purpose for each party.

These stories were sourced from seventy-two recent nonfiction, story-rich books in three original yet custom book genres: A) Under-recognized patterns in life; B) New, uncommon, unexpected or radical ways of thinking or viewing the world; and C) Books centering on stories of stories.

The 214 master stories describe the where, how, why and when definitions influence behaviors that contribute to change.  These are not ordinary stories. They are in attention-grabbing definition-forms, eclectic and range from the creation of Designated Driver to Computer Game Modding to the Naming of the Clouds.  They have been sourced from leading observers, thinkers and writers who serve as this generation’s most memorable nonfiction story tellers.  These are also the same people who energetically are redefining culture and reframing life. 

In the spirit of Open4Definition, Obvious Yet ElusiveTM covers a range of contexts across a broad set of thought provoking definitions.  This experimental approach is open to your review and criticism.  Drop us an “I’m interested” email to learn more about this distinctive, mind shifting set of stories plus the gateway it might bring for you personally or your work, professionally.

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