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Obvious Yet ElusiveTM Book Underway

By B. Helton
May 20, 2010

Open4Definition announces that its first book, Obvious Yet Elusive is being written. Members and the public are encouraged to provide input. This includes the evaluation of approximately two hundred select stories. To become a reviewer contact B. Helton at

This book has dual purposes. To show how under-recognized definitions impact life, work and commerce in consequential and under recognized ways. Second, to provide insight into the power and reach of past behavior definitions to create and nurture change.

Today's digital native and online reader has grown to expect instantaneous, searchable and sortable information. Ideally, this information should also be portable, in a readable form and readily savable. Print books do four of these six elements reasonably well. Their content is instant, searchable, portable and above all readable. By design Obvious Yet ElusiveTM is being written using a new template for print-form books by adding in two missing ingredients: information sorting and a unique saving feature.

We reviewed recent non-fiction, story-rich books in two original, customized genres: A) books about under-recognized patterns in life and B) books on new, uncommon, unexpected or radical ways of thinking or viewing the world.

This caused difficulties since these two genres are not currently cataloged. This, however, led us to other books and the creation of a third genre; C) books centering on stories of stories.

Stories have been identified that describe how definitions affect behavior and create change. These are not ordinary stories. They are on interesting topics, eclectic and range from Designated Driver to Hospital Hygiene and Offshore Drilling to Naming the Clouds. They were - as we have described - selected from recent non-fiction books of leading observers, thinkers and writers. These are not just the next generation of story tellers, but also the people who are energetically engaged in framing our next culture.

In the spirit of Open4Definition we are writing Obvious Yet ElusiveTM in a highly targeted context using a broad set of definitions. This experimental approach is open to your review. Just drop us an "I’m interested" email to get involved.

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