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By Dr. David Kirschner
Jun 1, 2015

Dr. David Kirschner gave an enthusiastically received presentation about the University of Evansville trial to the 2015 annual meeting of the Southern Sociological Society in New Orleans. He was also invited to submit a chapter proposal for publication in the Handbook of Research on Serious Games for Educational Applications. The book’s editors accepted the chapter proposal, and the book is due out in 2016.

Dr. Ric Chambers sees HealthCARING as a way to capture an emerging cultural ethos driving attitudes, decisions, and behaviors toward improved health and wellbeing. He is training key individuals to become Health and Happiness Partners. The idea is to play off parallel paradigm shifts—in the health field toward prevention and wellness promotion and in the counseling field toward teaching positive or happiness psychology—by creating a new health professional: the Health and Happiness Partner. Essential to this new role will be learning, modeling, and teaching healthcaring as an ethos. The Health and Happiness Partners will become early adopters of the phrase, using it in contextually appropriate ways as they work with individuals all within a local community. As multiple people within a small area begin using this phrase in diverse ways, the hope is for others to not only adopt the phrase, but to use it to guide decisions and behavior that lead toward making healthcaring normative.

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