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HealthCARER PASS-IT-ON Credits

By B. Helton
Sep 25, 2014

Almost 40 students in the Physical Therapy DPT degree program at The University of Evansville, a Midwest liberal arts university, are partnering with Open4Definition to design and test competitive and cooperative trials using HealthCARER PASS-IT-ON Credits.

Divided into ten teams and two broad experiential conditions, the enthusiastic DPT students in Dr. Karyn Staples's Community Health class are working toward achieving ten community health objectives related to HealthCARING during the Fall 2014 semester. Student teams will identify creative methods of sharing HealthCARER Credits, tap HealthCARING individuals and organizations to uncover bright spots and best practices, and collect interview data, survey results and, above all, exemplary HealthCARER stories. More than 300 HealthCARERs were recognized with PASS-IT-ON Credits during the first week.

Over the next couple weeks, student teams will be forming alliance-like relationships with healthcaring individuals, groups and organizations to increase the spread and positive influence of HealthCARER PASS-IT-ON Credits.

Fact Center

  1. Continue with the familiar: Select HealthCARER Credits have Affiliates or Special Instructions. If applicable, see your award email.
  2. Make it fun: Check out the map's geo-positioning feature and follow Your Credit's Journey. Click on HealthCARER flags for stories.
  3. Increase the flow: HealthCARER Credits have a return-to-sender timer. Need an assist? Ask your HealthSHARER for suggestions or awardees.
  4. Help a good cause: The trial teams are seeking Affiliate-like relationships.
  5. Celebrate caring: Want to recognize an organization? Find a personal contact and have them retell and broadcast the HealthCARING story.

The Context

The genesis of the HealthCARER PASS-IT-ON Credit is our book, HealthCARING: A Reset for Health and Healthcare.

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