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HealthCARING Book Available

By B. Helton
Jul 8, 2013

The first edition of HealthCARING: A Reset for Health and Healthcare is now available in the Open4Definition Store for $17.00. This is the first book in the Reset Series with Prancing Pony Press. It was written with the energetic involvement of 25 reviewers including physicians, patient advocates and, of course, skeptics as well as the sponsorship of the annual Emory University Global Health and Humanitarian Summit.

While this book's focus is the United States, its overall approach is made clearer through a global story-based lens. HealthCARING translates what we've long known about illness prevention and healthcare delivery into the power of routine action. This book also introduces a language (as well as causal mechanisms) for health improvement including three keystone behavioral definitions:

  • Healthcaring: caring health and healthcare
  • Healthcarer: healthcaring adherent
  • Humane Nature: positive human nature

While nothing separates caring from health and healthcare, America's everyday routines and common patterns of behavior have diluted its influence. That needs to change. Our response, healthcaring, meshes with a desirable goal—wellbeing—to reset behavior and lessen competing interests. When people purposely care for something, they want to tend to it and improve it, which also explains "the why" for this reemphasis on caring health and healthcare.

HealthCARING therefore features stories of intuitive initiators like Jay Winsten who, with his coining of designated driver, independently unlocked the latent power of a behavioral definition. Without fully seeing what he and others were doing, their definitions became part of an overarching pattern for social improvement. HealthCARING follows in their tried-and-true footsteps in a way that will simplify change and rewire minds on a large scale, that is, as readers like you choose to join in and bring health and wellbeing to life—including yours.

Health promotion expert and Yale University's Prevention Research Center Director Dr. David L. Katz, MD, MPH in this book's Afterward: More Care, More Health, Less Healthcare further describes how healthcaring shapes a healthier, happier and more productive America. His writing is provocative, informative and adds to his reputation as "the poet laureate of health promotion".

Check out the HealthCARING: A Reset for Health and Healthcare book preview. Let's activate caring together in the midst of "America's Years of Rising Healthcare Insecurity": 2013-2014. Healthcaring will alter the habits of many and bend minds without bending everyone out of shape.

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