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New Rollout Projects and Contest

By B. Helton
Apr 10, 2012

Two Roll-out Team Projects plus a Best Healthcaring Word Usage Contest are underway. Sign-ups now open on the Open4Definition website under the Projects tab with contest entries via a homepage link. A summary follows.

  1. Creating Connected Capitalism Project
  2. A HealthCARING America Project
  3. The Healthcaring Word Usage Contest

The two roll-out project teams are ideal for free thinking examiners or highly pragmatic implementers.

The retired Chairman of Coca-Cola, Neville Isdell, coined the idea and term for the first roll-out project: Connected Capitalism aimed at encouraging truly engaged companies. This team will define and promote this emerging behavioral definition underpinned by lessons learned from other societal initiatives like sustainability and green building design. The goal is to enable corporate boards to raise or lower non-financial connected capitalism levels by design and with uncommon know-how.

Healthcaring is a NEW word coined to reveal an all-too-often overlooked behavior while offering a remedy to a larger issue in the same breath. It reframes the seemingly intractable problem—healthcare delivery reform—by defining a shortcut baseline that all can embrace to cue societal behavior and overcome competing self-interest. The healthcaring roll-out project will have open enrollment during the April 13-15, 2012 Global Health & Humanitarian Summit at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. and afterward.

This second roll-out project will be promoted by a best word usage contest for healthcaring in the form of a slogan, Burma Shave signage-like poem, tweet, blog or other inspired usage. This contest ends Sunday, April 15, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. EDT. Post-summit ideas will also be welcomed.

Behavioral definitions—in conscious and subliminal ways—propel collective change. The challenge is to choose and nurture them wisely. That's the role of an Open4Definition roll-out project team. Gain uncommon know-how and make a difference through your participation.

Attendance at the upcoming Summit is not necessary to enroll in either roll-out team; visit the Projects website tab. Click the homepage contest link to submit your healthcaring word usage entry.

Open4Definiton is also seeking real-life stories of healthcaring "in action" separately through April 30, 2012. The best will be shared widely.

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