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HealthCARING eBook Review Underway

By B. Helton
Apr 6, 2012

Reviewer sign-up for the exclusive ebook, HealthCARING: A Reset for Health and Healthcare is underway.

The agile publishing approach we're using is the brainwave of Sourcebooks, Metro-Chicago's largest publisher. The shared goal is to build a community around the creation of not just a book, but the eventual use of its content. And to have that content steered by feedback and ideas as a fusion of views.

This book is now available in 80–page online or ebook formats. A reviewer blog is in place for comments, criticisms and text revision suggestions. Like a grain of sand in an oyster it takes lots of friction to form a pearl so join us.

Healthcaring is a NEW word coined to reveal an all-too-often overlooked behavior while offering a remedy to a larger issue in the same breath. It reframes the seemingly intractable problem—healthcare delivery reform—by defining a shortcut baseline that all can equally embrace to cue societal behavior and overcome competing self-interest.

Join in conversation with the author and other reviewers. The final ebook will be both a separate publication—a legacy of the 2012 Global Health & Humanitarian Summit—and a section of a future book. This will provide a lens into a new way of thinking and seeing, and then doing in a more healthcaring way to increase wellbeing.

HealthCARING was coined October, 2010 with an official birthing timed for April 13, 2012 at the Global Health & Humanitarian Summit, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. A HealthCARING America exhibitor table will also be open April 13-15, 2012. Summit attendance is not a condition for becoming a reviewer.

We think this will be both fun and a fundamental step toward improving American healthcare. First-round reviewer criticism will close Tuesday, May 15, 2012. For the enthusiast, we suggest a dual enrollment in the Healthcaring Roll-out Team.

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