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76 Recommended Books Now In Our Store

By B. Helton
Nov 10, 2011

Don't just make reference, sell the reference.

Open4Definition offers 76 books in our store sortable by title, author or referenced stories.  Each book has a Why Recommended webpage highlighting stories with a link to the author's website.  A blog-like B's Buzz is also being added to include comments from the authors.

The books referenced were purposely restricted to three original, custom genres: A) Under-recognized patterns in life; B) New, uncommon, unexpected or radical ways of thinking or viewing the world; and C) Books centering on stories of stories.  

Stories referenced from these books involve behavioral definitions.  For instance, how Jay Winsten's borrowed phrase, Designated Driver cut U.S. alcohol related traffic deaths in three years by twenty-five percent or 6,500 lives-not-lost annually.Or how Xerox's company-saving 1990's Zero-to-Landfill corporate objective and behavioral definition did exactly that.  People like Jay Winsten and others featured in the stories intuitively used a behavioral definition to inexpensively spread change: in both behaviors and group actions.

To-date a total of 215 master behavioral definition stories have been cataloged and tagged.  They describe where, how, why and when behavioral definitions rewire behavior and simplify change.  These examples represent only a fraction of the many behavioral definitions in common use.  What makes them unique is they're sourced from leading observers, thinkers and writers who serve as today's most memorable nonfiction story tellers.

Some books use more definition-form stories than other books.  Nevertheless, the idea of a definition-form story appears to be alien to many authors.  The exceptions are non-fiction authors in scientific and mathematical fields who routinely, consciously and purposely used numerous definition-formed stories to support the premise of their book.  Other exceptions from our book panel include Against the Gods (risk management), The Box (shipping containers), The Gridlock Economy (property rights) and Made to Stick (idea survival).

The norm is to list references in a subsequent book's After Notes.  Authors normally use examples and stories gathered from a variety of books, news, magazines, journals, papers, interviews and other sources.  In contrast, we're highlighting key stories to publicize solely referenced books while also offering them for sale.  Again, they're just a click away in the store.

We also have a book underway (see other news releases) and are working with Sourcebooks; the largest Publishing House in Metro-Chicago.  Nevertheless, we'd prefer to be remembered not just for what is published, but for what we offer to readers and other authors seeking an inexpensive way to cascade positive, large-scale change.  Enjoy your reading and please refer others to these 76 books.

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