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Gain Benefits by Getting Involved

Help Shape a New Way

Change starts with a new way of seeing things. It is that simple. Sapient definitions provide uncommon shortcuts for shaping a better world. Open4Definition provides a distinctive platform to enrich lives and positively impact habits, beliefs, business precedence and the very foundational concepts of all that we do.

Grasp the Illusive Obvious

Our objective is both practical and straightforward. We are focused entirely on achieving consequential improvements through the application of definitions. Our key deliverable is sapient definitions. Our approach is pragmatic, highly selective and at times even contentious; and it works.

Seize the Promise

We promise a mind-bending experience. Gain insight and know-how by helping uncover hidden opportunities within the application of all-too-often overlooked definitions.

More Reasons to Participate (the ABCs and Ds)!

Amplify your voice. Accentuate passions including yours. Act with others.
Bend minds and your own. Better oneself. Become more far-sighted.
Change the world. Change it in consequential ways. Change selectively.
Define definitions. Define tomorrow. Make a Difference. Do it sapiently.

Gain Startling Insights

The frame through which we view the world can be a major influence on quality of life. A broad range of knowledge is the easiest way to cope with the inevitable difficulties that we face. That is what Open4Definiton also offers you.

Pursue a Passion

Already pursing a passion? Join a team or create one and identify specific definitions that impact your passion and then get help doing something about it.

Those that define today lead tomorrow.

This is a community that will give back as much to its members as it asks of them. Click Get Involved to learn more or sign up.

Define Today, Lead Tomorrow

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